Flight of a dragonfly


Written by : Abhisek Pattnaik
image Courtesy : Shutterstock.com

Chiku never liked his afternoon naps. But Lakshmi, his mother, made sure that he doesn’t leave his bed after lunch. She had her own reasons for this of course. After a toil with household chores that stretches from taking shower and fetching water from the village tube-well before the sun rises to eating lunch after everyone else is taken care of; she deserved a good long sound nap after lunch. But if Chiku is up playing, she of course can’t even have this small luxury in her life. Hence, she made sure that Chiku also sleeps post his lunch, making it a routine for him. But Chiku always managed to sneak past her despite her regular warnings. Usually the signal to leave the bed comes in the form of light snores from Lakshmi. He loved spending time playing with his ball…

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I have a dream

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Poetry and Prose

Let’s go find our lost songs,

Left behind in that forsaken home.

Come walk with me,

On those old worn out roads.

And stay like drops of rain,

Of those passing nights.

Let’s witness the first ray of dawn again,

With the melting of crystals ice.

Sparkling small pieces we find,

Of broken heart of you and I.

How beautiful it was,

Sweet smiles and innocent lies.

Collect the smell of our first kiss,

A feeling on that touch we reminisce.

Copyright: Word Hunter

P.C Pexels

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aren’t we all one head trauma away from him?

Daydreaming as a profession

The soul must know something
that the mind
can’t comprehend

That’s what they said when
they watched him
from afar

He slept under the bridge
at night

During the day
the poor fool sat
by the river banks
and threw stones into the water

All day long

With obsession

And when he’d see no other stones
he’d start crying

Few things are more disturbing
to the ear than
the cries of an adult

He had a family some years ago,
they said

Had a wife and kids

And a job in the mine yonder

Then a boulder fell on his
head one day and
along with his mind
it took everything away from him

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Roses and Brimstone

It was a quiet almost lethargic afternoon. A crow with an iridescent blue or purple sheen on its wings perched itself onto a nearby branch contrasting against the backdrop sheets of thin cirrus clouds above. Sipping my rosemary tea, I couldn’t resist gulping a generous amount of the cool spring air dosed delectably with a scent of fresh rain. The sun appeared again, casting slanted beams of light across the rows of cottages in this sparse town. The sky a plasma blue.

“Ahh!”, a feeble outcry belonging unmistakably to a young child jolted my maternal instincts.

I peered out the window and to my surprise, found a toddler around the age of five, on all four, her cherries fallen, strewed all over the damp grass near my lawn. She got up slowly, first on her hands, then on her knees as she lifted her bottom, and with an arduous effort…

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Ice-cream”Blue Skies”:Poem(English, French and Spanish versions)

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A delectable dessert is
as attractive as a
piece of magnet.

Attracting numerous
pins together.

It establishes a bond
and awakens the cool
memories of
childhood associated
with innocence.

Yummy! As you scoop
more and more into
your mouth unruly.

It lingers on the
tongue but cold

The unresistible
sweet taste overrides
the intense cold you
feel on your teeth.

At that instance, you
feel like the world is
centered around you

Immediately you are in a trance sitting on cotton candy liked clouds

Sailing in the blue

Forgetting all life’s

Its taste and texture
vary as such

Its sweet delicacies
melt gently on the

Unable to control

Making you a slave
to it

It is very charming,
handsome and
attractive at first sight
like a bee attracted to the nectar of a flower.

For this reason both
the young and the…

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