Elixir of my Heart

Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poem #mother

Your always smiling face

Is such full of grace

Your fine wrinkles, which have started to appear

They are the telltales of what all you have had to bear

Your better half closed his eyes forever

The most dreadful nightmare you could think of ever

How you got that courage to bring him from miles apart

Just so others can see him off you did your part

I always gather enough strength to ask how you did this

But may be, with him being here, is your actual bliss

You strongly stood like a tall tree

And fulfilled our wishes for free

Two decades gone,

You are living it all alone

Be it us with you or your kith and kin

This incessant void must have hurt you like a piercing pin

Two of us from your nest are away in distant land

How I wish to…

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